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video from the conference "Advantages of the STO Market over Venture Investments"
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Frequently Asked Questions

STO is a method of raising capital in which a company's securities are digitized and made available for trading on exchanges around the world

An STO is less costly, both financially and in terms of time to prepare

The primary advantage of an STO is that the project financing process is completely transparent. STOs are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which means that investors can rest easy, as the regulator eliminates all fraudulent projects

STO is suitable for startups at the seed, series A, series B development stage, as well as established industry players that plan to expand their business. The average range of capital raised by STOs is between $0.5 million and $25 million

Between two months and a year

The process consists of several stages:

1. Collecting and preparing required documents

2. Registration with regulatory authorities

3. Selecting an exchange

4. Digital asset offering announcement

5. Token sale

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