About Rainier AG

Rainier AG is a consulting agency that provides consulting services to attract investment in small and medium-sized businesses using as STO. Security Token Offering is a way of attracting investment capital that is gaining attention in the business community.

STOs are conducted through tokenization (digitization) of a company's securities. Tokens representing digitized securities can be traded on exchanges around the world. STOs allow the issues to set an entry threshold that is comfortable for both accredited and unaccredited investors. The average amount of capital raised through STO ranges from $0.5 million to $25 million.

There are many promising companies around the world that need investment. However, it may be difficult to attract financing during economic downturns and amidst falling demand. This requires new methods and approaches.

In order to provide a complete organizational, technological, legal, and marketing framework for projects, Rainier AG maintains partnerships with international brokers Crowdvest (USA) and General Capital Brokers (Cyprus), law firms, banks, and marketing agencies in Europe and the United States.

Our strategic partners include the 1stX STO Issuance and Exchange platform, MIGOM international banking system, and the DiMM trading platform. Rainier AG is also part of the Swiss Crypto Valley Association partner network. These relationships allow us to offer turnkey solutions to our clients. Rainier AG is currently also working on a dealer network that will cover all actively developing regions of Russia.

Rainier AG stands for fair and transparent business practices, safety, and trust. We implement innovations, modernize business processes to meet modern trends, and always rely on traditional business values: high quality of service, professionalism, building stable relationships.


We provide proper legal support of all the STO stages, including the profit fixing and issues with the regulator avoiding

Partners are licensed to store and trade cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies (including UK FCA)

Rainier AG has strong experience with regulators in Europe and the USA

We provide technical solutions for issuing tokens and developing smart contracts

Swiss Crypto Valley Association Partner

Work in compliance with KYC/AML international standards

The marketing and PR platform to ensure the investors' interest to client company tokens

Stages of business development

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