Since the end of 2017, Rainier AG has been developing a blockchain ecosystem that is intended to bring together crypto and fiat as a single, interoperable, financial instrument.

The Rainier AG ecosystem includes an STO platform, 1stX, a crypto trading platform, DiMM, an international banking service, MIGOM and cold storage. 

1stX is an STO platform that lists the digitized stocks of projects. Investors can buy and sell these stocks in exchange for fiat or cryptocurrency, or exchange them for the digitized stocks of other companies. The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy for investors to track trading activity, as well as the history of any given stock’s value and volume.

MIGOM is an international bank providing a wide range of financial services including the issuance of Visa and Mastercard debit cards. MIGOM does not store any wallet keys or data about payment cards. This ensures the safety of customer funds.

DIMM is a global crypto assets dealer located, registered and regulated in the EU. The service's innovative AI-powered trading system is designed to interact with a diverse array of relevant markets and to constantly strive for the best price. DiMM is integrated with MIGOM. Together, these services are forming a unique financial tool that enables fast and secure fiat and digital currency operations. 

Rainier AG provides companies with the opportunity to place their private keys in deep cold storage, in Switzerland. Secure lockbox storage ensures the full protection of keys against cybersecurity threats.

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