Cold Storage

Rainier AG provides institutional custody services (cold storage).

“Cold Wallet”, in contrast to Internet-related “hot wallets”, provides an increased level of protection. In addition, offline key storage, strict security rules and manual transaction approval additionally protect against multiple attacks and fraudulent schemes.

Employees of Rainier AG comply with a strict signing protocol by several persons and ensure reliable management of electronic wallets and storage of private keys in Swiss depository cells of Class III burglary.

Benefits of buying and storing crypto assets in a bank

Rainier AG manages physical e-wallets and provides storage of private keys in Swiss safe depository cells of class III burglary

Security and the signing of transactions carried out offline. As a result, user funds cannot be stolen over the Internet

Fast and efficient transfer of digital assets to the real world - secure cold storage

The withdrawal process takes from 24 to 48 hours

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