Migom Bank is a global financial organization with an individual approach. This is an offshore bank with experienced professional managers and competent support staff. The bank includes a full range of electronic banking tools both online and in-app.

Migom Bank electronic wallet can be linked to existing credit / debit cards, bank accounts and get connected to various money transfer systems. This turns Migom Bank in your personal financial hub. If you add your DiMM Card to Migom Bank e-wallet you can bridge your crypto asset holdings at DiMM with the fiat currency world via seamless instant transfers between your accounts.

Migom Bank solves any task that the client needs to solve, as it’s both international and multi-currency and as local as the ATM around the corner.

Why customers choose MIGOM BANK

Direct access to your funds anywhere on the planet

The safe and easy issuance of physical and virtual VISA / MASTERCARD cards with an opportunity to directly deposit funds on the wallet from any bank cards and accounts

Safe encryption solutions, 24/7 monitoring and anti-fraud protection

The execution of financial operations with 162 currencies of the world

An opportunity to transfer your funds virtually from anywhere in the world

An opportunity to withdraw funds and to convert cryptocurrency because of the new trading technology DiMM

SEPA & SWIFT systems compatibility

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