Security Token Offering

Many companies in Russia and in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) require investments to implement their projects and to increase revenue in their business.

However, it’s a common case when no mainstream fundraising variant is acceptable for a company in search of new financial opportunities.

Traditional ways of investment attraction:

Initial public offering, IPO. It’s an expensive and costly process that only large, well-established and high turnover corporations can afford.

Credit system. Non-flexible and non-adaptable to the specificities of each business. Sometimes it’s the credit organization (e.g. bank) that faces sudden difficulties, and this poses risks for the borrower company.

Traditional crowdfunding. An instrument adequate for the raising of funds for small-size or inherently local startups. This method is not suitable for complex tasks with several stages of implementation.

Rainier AG advisory group offers a new innovative method of fundraising that combines modern technologies and traditional ways of investment – entering the market of STOs (Security Token Offerings).

Every STO is a conversion of the company stocks in a digital format which makes it possible to trade these shares on exchanges all over the world. In comparison to an average initial public offering, an STO takes less time and effort.

Rainier AG advisory group offers full organizational, technological and legal support of all STO stages.


Why Rainier AG

The only professional STO provider in Russia and CIS compliant with regulative norms

Rainier AG partners with international brokers, law firms, banks, and marketing agencies in the United States and Europe

The 1stX exchange with a core audience of interested investors

The Migom Bank with thousands of clients ensuring 1stX exchange liquidity

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